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JL SCRAP is your answer for removal of scrap metal items. We come to your site on a scheduled pickup date and weigh onsite all your scrap metal. We haul away the scrap and provide immediate payment by check. No hauling fees.

Sheet Metal
What sorts of items are good for scrap metal pickup?

We mainly service commercial and Industrial accounts. Retailers use us for pickup of scrap metal shelving, broken carts and metal scrap from store displays. Auto repair shops and auto service shops can benefit from our service. Appliance repair shops and retailers use us for pickup of large appliances. Commercial accounts that generate scrap metal are welcome- such as metal stamping shops and sheet metal assembly.

You pay for our scrap, pick it up and haul it away at no additional charge?

Yes, we weigh the scrap onsite at your location, determine a value and provide a check for the value of the scrap we are picking up that day.

Immediate Payment
How much can we expect to earn on scrap you pickup?

We pay by the pound based on the metal type we purchase from you. For example, if you have 20 pounds of #1 copper at $2.30 per pound, you would earn $46.00 Call us to discuss your needs and we can determine a price and a pickup schedule to meet your needs.

Will my staff have to help with the loading and weighing?

No. We will determine a space in your shipping area to pickup on a predetermined basis. If you like, dumpsters are available so you may store the scrap outside of your loading area in a convenient spot.

Our company has been given a Green directive. Will this help us with our certification?

Yes. None of the scrap we pickup goes into landfills. It is recycled, saving energy and saving the planet.

What types of industries do you serve?

We serve Utilities, Industrial, Demolition, Electrical Contractors, Home and Business Renovators, OEM Suppliers, Tool and Die Makers, Mechanical: Heating and Cooling Contractors, Auto Repair Shops and National and Local Retail Chains. Any type of industry that generates quantities if metal scrap and would like to earn money instead of filling landfills can be served by JL Scrap.

Are You Hiring?

JL Scrap is looking for responsible people to join our growing company. Download our Employment Application PDF and send it to us.

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